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vehicle refrigeration solutions




Dear customer.

Our company SIA REFTRANS offers its departure service
We specialize in the repair, maintenance and diagnostics of refrigerators and air conditioners, as well as the sale of spare parts (original as well as analog spare parts) at more favorable prices.

Our team consists of specialists with extensive work experience in the field of refrigerators, who are able to perform any repair work - both maintenance and programming,

Specialists of our company with professional equipment:
• Diagnostics.
• Check batteries.
• We perform all types of electrical repairs.
• System leak check.
• Soldering of copper pipes.
• Refrigerator maintenance.
• Freon system rinsing, cleaning.
• Check defrost system operation.
• Freon filling
• Diesel engine repair.

We guarantee:

• Carry out short-term and high-quality repairs.
• We will leave your place and carry out the necessary repairs.
• You can always control the repair work.
• When concluding a contract, each customer has an individual discount for both repairs and spare parts.

By contacting us, you will be assured of our quality and timely work.

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On-site service of refrigerators and other refrigeration units!


Call us, you will save money and time to maintain your refrigerator park.

How does it work?

We will arrive at your base, you do not need to drive a truck with driver maintenance or any other comment on the operation of the device!

We will monitor the technical condition of your equipment, record the working hours of the units, follow up on further maintenance, pre-order parts for your type of units, a full range of services for repairing units "automatic, mechanical, unit refrigerant part", we perform qualified diagnostics - according to the full inspection report!

We are responsible for the work done and we always go to dialogue and find a 100% way out in case of misunderstandings!

You can personally check the quality of the work performed and the qualification of craftsmen in the repair process at your base!

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+371 23222922

Uriekstes street 3, Riga


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