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Your vision, our future.


SIA "REFTRANS" 7 years of experience in the field of refrigeration equipment opens up a wide range of possibilities to choose and implement solutions according to your needs.

Design, assembly, installation and service, the benchmark of modern trends and individual approach to each customer.

Company REFTRANS, based in Latvia, offers a wide range of services in the field of car air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Wide range of services, professional approach to project implementation, high quality equipment - opportunities for cooperation with large companies and dealers:

  • Technical calculations for the appropriate selection of equipment, taking into account the customer's needs.

  • Installation, repair and servicing of car refrigeration and freezing equipment.

  • Refrigerated transport: consulting, design, installation, repair and maintenance of unit.

Good price. Cost optimization, long-term contracts with special terms with specialized equipment manufacturers and distributors, transparent pricing allow us to offer each customer the best terms of cooperation. Accuracy in project implementation - design and installation is performed in accordance with the client's requirements and wishes. Individual equipment selection - we take into account the specifics of the business and the customer's needs, thus ensuring the continuous operation of refrigeration equipment for several years, including extreme climatic conditions. Highly qualified staff - the company employs experienced specialists who know all the technical nuances and specifics of modern cooling systems. In the initial phase and until the end of the work, we will advise you on the use of innovative technologies, high-quality reliable equipment, refrigeration equipment maintenance and post-warranty maintenance - we will help you solve storage, transportation, product cooling and freezing efficiently and effectively.


Call us - we'll answer your questions and offer you favourable terms of cooperation.

+371 23222922

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